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California Black Freedom Fund on Reparations and Affirmative Action

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“Yesterday, California took early strides for justice for Black people by presenting its first-in-the-nation attempt at making reparations for the legacy of slavery real. As legislators translate these recommendations into policy, we affirm the wisdom, clarity and courage of our grantees and partners in influencing a self-determined future where all Black people thrive. 

Meanwhile, on the national level, MAGA judges are rolling back progress on equity in education by dismantling a policy tool that has, for nearly 50 years, expanded opportunities for Black and Indigenous people, people of color, and women. Limiting race conscious Affirmative Action in college decisions will consequently reduce educational, employment and economic opportunities for young Black people and people of color. In spite of this attack, we remain undeterred in our work to affect the culture, policy and systems changes necessary to realize Black freedom, equity, and dignity.” — Marc Philpart, Executive Director of the California Black Freedom Fund

Here are statements from our grantees and partners: 


Statement from James Woodson, Esq., The California Black Power Network

“The California Black Power Network (CBPN) commends the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans for the release of its final report today and urges lawmakers to move swiftly to right the deplorable wrongs highlighted in the report through comprehensive and expansive legislation. The California Reparations Task Force’s final report represents a key milestone in the fight for freedom for all Black Californians, and history has shown that when you do right by Black people, all communities benefit. The Task Force has done their part; the Legislature and Governor must now do theirs. We call on both the Legislature and the Governor to implement the key policies in the Task Force’s report so that the State of California can truly heal from past harms and fully remove the barriers and harmful stigma that systemic and anti-Black racism has placed on our communities.

The California Reparations Task Force had the challenging task of investigating the historical impact of chattel slavery on present-day African American communities and proposing suitable actions to address the enduring consequences, such as compensation, rehabilitation, and restitution for African Americans. In March 2023,  CBPN submitted a memo of policy recommendations based on the community feedback we collected from hosting 10 virtual and in-person regional listening sessions in Central California, the Bay Area, the Inland Empire, San Diego and Los Angeles in our capacity as an official member organization of the  community engagement steering committee of the Task Force. Additionally, we implemented strategic digital and social media campaigns educating community members about reparations and offered ways to participate in the process, organizing over 200,000 community members. 

With the final report completed, CBPN looks forward to working with our members, with allies, the Black Caucus and other state Legislators to make reparations a reality. 

The California Black Power Network is a united ecosystem of over 37 Black grassroots organizations working together to change the lived conditions of Black Californians by dismantling systemic and anti-Black racism. Learn more by visiting”

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The struggle continues. We are committed to making racial justice real in California. Join us!