California Black Freedom Fund

Hear from Our Funder Partners

“To make racial justice and equity real in California, philanthropy needs to elevate its investments in Black organizers who are focused on advocacy, organizing and holding our institutions accountable — something that we call power-building. The vision of California Black Freedom Fund is to bring justice to our communities by making sure Black-led organizations are sufficiently supported and strong, and their leaders are galvanized.” Lateefah Simon, President, Akonadi Foundation

“The Annenberg Foundation – a family foundation – is proud to support this innovative and impactful fund to make sure that Black-led organizations in California have the resources they need as they continue their critical work for racial justice.” Cinny Kennard, Executive Director, Annenberg Foundation.

“We are excited to join forces with other funders to drive resources directly to Black-led organizations in California, to accelerate their critical work to tackle systemic racism. The need is urgent. Black Californians experience domestic violence at a higher rate than other groups because the current system is failing them. This new fund will strengthen prevention efforts by addressing root causes such as socioeconomic opportunity and safety and by supporting healing through restorative justice.” Debbie I. Chang, MPH, President and CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation

“This is a bold move by philanthropy.  But we know it will take bold moves such as this in order to reimagine institutions that are more inclusive and racially equitable for all Californians. The pandemic and the racial divide in this country have exposed the anti-Black systems that are in place. These resources will make sure we build and sustain an ecosystem of Black-led organizations and networks that can move racial equity work forward, while leading California towards healing and structural change.” Robert K. Ross, M.D., President and CEO, The California Endowment

“Not since the Civil Rights movement have we seen such widespread acknowledgement of racism against Black people. But awareness is not enough to bring about racial justice. We must fund Black-led organizations and Black-led movements. We’re proud to support the California Black Freedom Fund, which will help build the infrastructure for sustained movements that advance racial justice in our state, and by example, our country. Race matters.” Judy Belk, President and CEO, The California Wellness Foundation

“Building a better future for everyone starts with centering those who have been politically, socially, and economically marginalized. We support the California Black Freedom Fund and its work to ensure that Black-led organizations and movements have the power, resources, and recognition to continue their missions and make racial equity a reality in California.” Priscilla Chan, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

“We are proud to partner with the California Black Freedom Fund as they continue to support the growth of Black-led movement-based organizations. It is our hope that this unrestricted grant offers them flexibility as they continue to build and strengthen the organizing power of these organizations within communities across our home state of California.” Peter Laugharn, President and CEO, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

“JPMorgan Chase looks forward to working alongside the California Black Freedom Fund so that together we can address racial inequities in a more tangible, meaningful way. Power-building and movement-based strategies are critical to mobilize and support Black communities to exercise power, invest in our communities and change systems.” Allen Fernandez Smith, Head of Global Philanthropy, West at JPMorgan Chase

“Over the past year, we’ve seen Black communities across the country step up boldly as the conscience of our nation to challenge the status quo. The California Black Freedom Fund represents a great opportunity to build on that momentum and support Black-led organizations and a movement that can keep racial justice front and center and reimagine a better future for all of us.” Cathy Cha, President and CEO, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

“The California Black Freedom Fund begins 2021 in a powerful way, by supporting our community here in California. Our struggle for equity and justice is far from over — it’s just getting started. We are the only ones who can ensure that our power does not get minimized or ignored.” Crystal Hayling, Executive Director, The Libra Foundation

“This is long overdue! The root cause of so much of the trauma, poverty, and lack of opportunity in America is due to underinvestment in Black communities, leaders, and institutions. Systemic racism and inequality are no match for the power of the ecosystem of Black-led and Black-power building organizations in California if we provide it with the resources it needs to thrive.” – Shane Murphy Goldsmith, President and CEO, Liberty Hill Foundation

“When Black organizers and Black-led movements have the support they need to win, we will succeed in combating white supremacy and systemic racism. Black organizers and leaders are clear about their vision and solutions for a racially just California, and it is our collective privilege in philanthropy to listen and follow their lead. This is a critical effort, and we are glad to partner with so many funders in answering the call to meet this long-unaddressed need.” – Tim Silard, President, Rosenberg Foundation

“The California Black Freedom Fund begins to make up for the decades of neglect and underinvestment of Black-led organizing and advocacy on the part of philanthropy. The fund will provide needed resources to Black organizers and advocates who have been working – often with insufficient funding – to improve the lives of their communities and the whole state.” – Fred Blackwell, CEO, San Francisco Foundation

“We are investing in Black institutions and leaders to accelerate a growing movement committed to the elimination of structural racism and anti-Blackness, which is impossible without Black people and the strength of our communities.” – Chet P. Hewitt, President and CEO, Sierra Health Foundation and The Center

“The California Black Freedom Fund sets forth a model that can be replicated across the nation, potentially bringing significant resources to movement-building networks and organizations that are fighting racial injustice on behalf of marginalized groups. Silicon Valley Community Foundation is proud to support the California Black Freedom Fund, as it aligns with our aspirations of advancing equity and opportunity for all members of our communities.” Nicole Taylor, President and CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

“Black-led organizations have been leading the work to advance racial justice and dismantle anti-Black racism. We are proud to join our colleagues in investing at greater scale to support these movement leaders and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the work to eradicate systemic racism.” Miguel A. Santana, President and CEO, Weingart Foundation