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The California Black Freedom Fund (CBFF) is a five-year, $100 million initiative to  build and sustain the power of Black-led organizations, coalitions, and networks.  

This Fund was established and continues to be overseen by a unique partnership  between funders and community leaders who will continue the spirit of partnership with Black leaders to develop a new way of philanthropic and community  collaboration. Resources will be both pooled and aligned to support movement building for the kind of deep, social and structural changes that can only be  achieved by investing in the infrastructures of Black-based organizations  committed to sustained movement-building. The California Black Freedom Fund is  being administered by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. 

Black-led organizations working at the forefront of racial justice efforts in  California are generally under-resourced, resulting in limited capacity and  technical supports necessary to achieve their missions. CBFF’s theory of change is  to increase the capacity and effectiveness of Black-led organizations which will, in  turn, enhance the freedom and self-determination of Black people most impacted  by structural racism. CBFF intends to bolster the infrastructure of Black-led  organizations working for systemic change throughout California, including but not  limited to organizations working on the frontlines to increase access to housing,  advance voter education, accelerate economic empowerment and promote  restorative justice.  

Building on the momentum of activists calling for change, CBFF aims to sustain the  leadership of Black networks and communities organized to address the ongoing  effects of multiple and interconnected legacies of institutionalized racism. Key  outcomes of CBFF include: 

The time is now to strengthen the infrastructures of Black-led organizations and  the communities they serve in California.  

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Position Responsibilities 

CBFF is seeking an Executive Director who will bring passion and creativity to the  design and implementation of a transformative, multi-year initiative – a leader to  imagine, inspire and bring people together to identify existing solutions and new  innovative ideas for changing the trajectory of Black communities in California.  

The Executive Director will work directly with the CBFF Executive Committee  which is chaired by the President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Community  Foundation (SVCF). The Executive Committee will provide regular guidance,  perspectives and advice on CBFF’s efforts.  

The Executive Director will also work in partnership with CBFF’s Community  Advisory Committee, the Funder CEO Circle (core funders of CBFF) and other  funders, SVCF colleagues, and additional community leaders and experts. At this  pivotal moment for the racial justice movement, this unique opportunity is suited  for an exemplary leader who is adept at long-range organizational assessment and  development, program planning and implementation, partner engagement and  coordination, and thrives on working with community partners in coalition. 

Specifically, the California Black Freedom Fund Executive Director will be  responsible for:

Program Leadership 

Statewide Network Building and Organizational Capacity 

Profile of the Successful Candidate 

CBFF seeks a leader who deeply understands movement-building, power-building,  capacity-building, and policy change. The successful candidate will be an adept  facilitator and a natural collaborator, combined with a deep passion for justice and  equity for Black communities and a proven track record of achieving results  through coalition-building and managing and motivating committed, high performing professionals.  

CBFF seeks a leader with a personal commitment to Black communities; strong  curiosity and the desire to continue learning; a collegial work style; a sense of  humor; and the dedication to work hard toward CBFF’s mission of strengthening  Black-led organizations and movements to help solidify their footing – and the  footing of the communities they serve – in the state.  

Specifically, CBFF seeks an Executive Director with the following attributes:  

Start Timeframe 

We seek to have someone in place by early 2022. 


This position offers a competitive salary and includes a comprehensive benefits  package. We actively welcome all candidates from a wide range of backgrounds  who have the skills to fulfill this role – regardless of compensation history.  

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